My Cats Review The Bubble Backpack

My Cats Review The Bubble Backpack

Hi, I'm Anna Akana, and I have 4 cats, and I love to spoil them.
I bought them these expensive felt things that they never use
This intricate wall playground system that they sometimes sleep on but don't really appreciate
And for Christmas I decided to get them this Outdoor Space Bubble Cat backpack thing
All my cats love going outside so I figured, let's do it the right way, and make you look like a catstronaut
Like my leggings which are available at, quick plug for myself
So, let's have Congress go first cause he's in a little sweater
Are you ready to go to space? You ready to go to space? You ready to go to space? You ready to go to space? Ok.
Look you can see out the window
Alright, let's see how they like it
Here we are
It's the outside world!
-car noises-

Look at him like bob up and down
I'm trying to like walk super smooth for him
Hey guys!
I feel like Congo's the only one who's gonna like it cause he like is too mentally challenged to know any better
Good job
Alright, next cat
Hi Jimbo
Oh Jimbo not gonna like it I already know
He's so fickle
Are we ready?
Ok ok
I'm a little bit scared
Oh he hates it already! He hates it so much
Oh no
I don't even wanna go all the way out, he doesn't like it
We should go back we should go back
He don't like it
He don't like it
Ok ok we go inside
Aw, we go inside we go inside
Hold on Jim
Well, one for two
He's gonna be so mad
See you're fine
You're fine dude
Number three
I don't care what's out there
Aw she don't like it either
Oh she hate it
She don't like it
Oh ok let's go back in
Go ahead
Go ahead
And now, finally, Lily
I have a feeling she not gonna like it
She might be hiding under the bed actually
(Camara man): This is such a weird video
(Camera man): Where you're just testing out if your cats like things and you have a feeling that they're not gonna like things
Well she's hiding under the bed
Cause she knows that she's last
Oh dude she's not coming out
(Camara man): Should of done her first
I know fuck she knows what's up now
(Camera guy): You wanna lure her out with some food?
Ah, we'll try, how's that?
Everyone who went in the backpack gets a treat
She too smart
Hey Lily, don't you want some food?
Hey Lily look
She's too smart
It's for you
No that's not for you Jimmy!
Lily's too smart for that shit so we're gonna have to just cut and wait for her to come out to continue the experiment
Ok we finally got her out of her area, and now she's gonna hate me for a long time
I know
You're so good
There you go
Last kitty
Alright let's take her out and see if she likes it
Ooh look it's another world
Does she like it?
No she doesn't
Look dude
(Camera guy): She's just hiding now, she's just hiding
Did you like your journey outside?
No she don't
And that concludes
Their Christmas present
Um, overall I would say that, uh, it was an ok investment
If I have to take them to the vet, maybe I'll do this instead of a carrier
(Camera guy): Minion!
Minion boy
(Camera guy): Congo you're a minion
For anyone who's concerned, this whole thing is mesh, and there are breathing holes

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